About LSIC
LSIC is an official Lithuanian student certificate
LSIC is a Lithuanian student card - it is the only official document proving the status of a student. Currently, LSIC is produced by the only organization representing students 'interests at the national level - the Lithuanian National Union of Students (LSS).
We remind you that the LSIC is issued for the entire study period
LSIC prices in different study degrees: In the first degree studies - 16 EUR; In second degree studies - 8 EUR; In integrated studies - 20 EUR; In third degree studies - 16 EUR; Residency studies - 20 EUR; In non-degree studies - 6 EUR; For the arriving students of partial studies - 6 EUR. When the LSIC in the same studies is reissued (replaced by a new one) - 6 EUR.
LSIC is necessary for studying
This certificate will allow you to use the library and other premises of the higher school, and if necessary, you will be able to reserve the inventory required for payments. You will also have access to a fitness center. You will probably need this certificate when taking exams or tests and connecting to higher education systems to find out the time of lectures, grades and all other necessary information.
Concessions for public transport
LSIC will provide you with public transport benefits - this means that I travel with city public transport as much as 80% cheaper, and long-distance - 50% cheaper. Part-time students are not eligible for public transportation concessions. LSIC - your public transport ticket! If you have an LSIC, you can no longer worry that you will forget your public transport ticket - the Vilnius card is already inscribed into your card, well, and if you are studying in Kaunas, we will do it if the student requires it!
Discounts and offers
Full-time and part-time students with LSIC participate in the discount program, which allows you to use discounts for shopping, entertainment and various services throughout Lithuania - with LSIC you will receive more than 250 different discounts in cafes, shops, gas stations, travel and much more provided by the LSIC partnership program. A temporary certificate is not issued while waiting for your LSIC to get produced, therefore you will not be able to use the discounts while your LSIC is yet to be delivered to you.